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Great Game

I've been playing this game for a long time now and it is always relaxing and enjoyable . Never a problem a fun and reliable solitaire game .

Wow! This is great!

I dont even like Klondike, but this makes it so much fun! I love the daily challenges, like Slingo has. What a great twist on a classic game. The animation is super. I am immediately addicted on the iPad! Update: THANK YOU for finally updating this app. I have avoided installing iOS 11 on my iPad because I didn't want to lose the ability to play this app! Now I'm trying to find it again for my iPhone X.

Good solitaire game, bring back the iPhone version!

I have been playing Solitaire Kingdom Supreme every day since I got my first iPhone. I was disappointed when Funkitron abandoned SKS for iPhone by not updating to 64 bit. Funkitron abandoned all of the iPhone only players. I am fortunate to also have an iPad and I was glad to see a version of SKS that would run on my iPad Pro. I still play every day but would like to play every day on both devices. Unfortunately, Funkitron has left users out in the cold in the past. I guess it's just who they are. I would give the app 5 stars, Funkitron as a developer, 2 stars, thus my rating of three stars…


I play this game everyday! Love it!

How many years?

I've been playing this game for YEARS!!! I think it's probably time for an update.....maybe some new features? #ijs

Very enjoyable!

Very enjoyable!

My Favorite

Endless enjoyment. So happy it was upgraded to iOS11.

Best solitaire!

Great games, no ads! Thank you for updating it for iOS 11! I missed playing. This is the best solitaire available.

5 stars to 1 star!

This was a great game. My favorite solitaire game. PLEASE UPDATE!!

Can’t open

I just updated my IPad and now I can’t open game it’s telling me that you need to update the game for it to open FIX THIS PROBLEM

Solitaire Kingdom Supreme

Love this game but, right now cannot play do to lack of update to be compatible with iPad......PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE UPDATE! This is the only reason I rated 1 star, because I cannot play any longer!


Have you forgotten about us loyal players? Is anyone there? I played this every day, and haven’t been able to since the new iOS update. Please, fix this asap. I think I am having withdrawal.

Please update for iOS

Love the options for playing.


Stopped working with the install of ISO 11...Please Update! I play this twice a day.

Great Game

Everyone is waiting for the update so we can play again,what is the hold up?

Solitaire Kingdom Supreme

Please update, can’t run with IOS 11, it is my favorite game!


Please update this app so it works with iOS 11!!!! Would be disappointed not to be able to play this game on a daily basis!

Love it!!!

Great game! Totally recommend. Still love this game and have played it for years. Please update so we will be able to use with the upcoming update. Thank you

Solitaire Kingdom Supreme HD

I really like this app except I am being told by my iPad updates that soon I will not be able to play this game anymore. The new iPad updates won't support this version of the game. If you don't update this game I imagine a lot of us won't be able to play it anymore. PLEASE UPDATE, I don't want to loose this game. Thank you Alice Patterson

App needs to be updated to support newer IOS

Please get the app updated soon...


This is our favorite solitaire game but we are being warned that the next operating software update will make it unusable. So please update it or offer a new version that will run on the updated OS---I would buy it again to be able to continue to play it!

Looking for an update .

I like to play the game .I'm looking for an update .


Been playing this app for over a year and continue to find it engaging.

Solitaire Kingdom Supreme


Great solitaire!

This game is very addictive. I've had it for a longbwhile and looked forward to the daily challenges both worldwide and local. But after a bit they both stopped working and the only challenge scores that show are local high scores. I tried deleting and reloading the game and still cannot get the full enjoyment. This is so disappointing. Tried finding another solitaire game that is as much fun, but this is it! So I just continue playing with half the challenges.

No updates, pitiful developer

This used to be a really fun solitaire game, but the developer has not updated the app in years, and it is no longer working correctly with the recent iOS updates. Be wary of the apps created by this developer, unless the app is free. An unsupported app is not worth wasting money on.

Great pass time

I honestly enjoy this game,no confusion like some games. I want to enjoy what I'm doing not get frustrated.

Great game

Best solitaire game in the app store

Not your father's Solitaire

Solitaire, but with lots of "boosts". These help you earn more points and turn a dull game into a fun and challenging test between you and the card deck. Choose your weapons and run the table.

Love all the extras - ten stars!

It's pay one price, and PRICELESS! Such fun characters to earn in-game that affect the basic Klondike game in original and challenging ways. Plus treasure cards and daily challenges, I keep this on my quick access bar to play every day. Thanks Funkitron, make more types of solitaire like this and you'll win BIG!

Lots of fun, but I miss the lost kingdom cards

Solitare kingdom is challenging and fun but I miss the old missing kingdom cards. This is good, nonetheless.

Doc 1043

Great game but highly addictive,


Love this game can't stop playing it.

Great Bingo

This is a great, fun bingo game.


Great to plat

Nonexistent Customer Support, and extremely buggy now

I have had this app for over a year, and on more than one occasion, the scores have gone haywire, showing exhorbitantly inflated scores, scores not only impossible to achieve in that day's competition, but scores that remain the same at the top of the leaderboard for weeks on end. There is no challenge if you can never possibly win. I contacted their "support" link, with no results and no response. There is no support or appreciation for their customer. With so much competition out there, don't bother wasting your time on this one.

Solitaire Supreme

I have this game on my PC. I was so glad to find an app for this for my IPad!!! Thanks for making it available.

Favorite Solitaire Game

Love this game. Not a dull moment.

Fun to play

Great game. Not boring like other solitaire games -keeps you interested

Great Game!

Can't get enough of it

Great game!

I could play this card game all the time! Try will love it!


Best solitaire game in the world. Each day there is a new challenge. Love it!

Mr. T

This game is assume.


I really love this game, best one, I have. Very clean game, not confusing at all. The only thing I would like more clarification on the "Special Cards". Also, on the "awards" of those cards. They do not tell you, why you are striving so hard for the end result and what the end result would be???? Very well worth the money, I love playing and lean towards this game then any of my others.

Solitaire Kingdom Supreme

I love this game. Very Cool!


Love the game. I have managed to get all levels. I now play the daily challenges each one is different. I really like what the extras bring to the game. Worth the money.

Addicting Game

Love this game.

Love it

Highly addicting!!!!!

Solitaire on Steroids

Gives basic Solitaire the boost it needs to make it more interesting and less repetitious.

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